'Did they know about the contaminants?': Sue is one of 30,000 Australians taking the government to court

Darwin resident Sue lives on the fringe of a PFAS contamination zone and is one of the 30,000 Australians involved in a class action against the Defence Department.

"Residents have been trapped on contaminated land for years," Shine Lawyers' head of class actions Craig Allsopp said.

"They are unable to sell their properties or enjoy simple freedoms like running the tap for a glass of water or to bathe their children.

"Toxicology reports point to PFAS levels in the eight areas of investigation being dangerously high. It's time the government showed some accountability."

"It shouldn't be denial. It should be taking ownership of it, dealing with it and rectifying, and paying people out that need the money for medical bills and their properties."

Fish ban 'too late' for Aboriginal families at contaminated Darwin creek

A Larrakia man says Aboriginal people have been fishing in Darwin's Rapid Creek unaware there were concerns about contamination.

The Northern Territory Health Department yesterday issued a warning advising people not to eat fish or crabs caught in Rapid or Ludmilla Creeks.

It came weeks after tests by the NT Environment Protection Authority confirmed the presence of the perflourinate chemicals historically used in fire-fighting foam at Defence bases around the country.

"It's a bit of a problem when you hear that there's poison, potential poison coming down from the airport," said local resident and Larrakia man Keith Risk.

A Senate inquiry recommended blood tests for workers on Defence bases and residents potentially affected by contamination.