British soldiers could come to the Territory off the back of newly formed trilateral security partnership

BRITISH soldiers could begin a yearly rotation in the NT, similar to the Marine Rotational Force – Darwin, which could also be expanded, off the back of the newly formed trilateral security partnership announced by the federal government.

Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison said the Territory government was still going through the details of the new alliance, which includes a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines.

Ms Manison said Darwin was an important location for the nation and the government was working to increase defence investment in the NT.


“We welcome investment when it comes to defence personnel, strategic defence assets here in the Northern Territory, and we’ll continue working with the Commonwealth government to deliver on what defence needs here in the Territory,” she said.

More US military to deploy to Australia as Dutton dismisses China ‘outbursts’

Dutton said the latest talks in Washington had “reinforced our shared commitment to ensuring an alliance that is match-fit to meet the strategic challenges ahead”.

He announced that Australia and the US would be “significantly enhancing our force posture cooperation”, including “greater air cooperation through rotational deployments of all types of US military aircraft to Australia” including bombers.

Dutton also indicated he would like to see an increase in the number of US troops coming on rotation through Darwin.

He said there would be more military exercises with the US, and greater combined exercises with other partners in the region. He was also open to the basing and storage of military supplies in Australia.

Australia’s defence minister says Aukus pact makes region safer and ‘no amount of propaganda can dismiss the facts’

Calls for the Senate to address sexual assault allegations against USA marines in the NT

After an SBS News investigation revealed women’s claims made against US marines stationed in the Northern Territory were shifted overseas or dropped, there are calls for the Senate to look into the issue and for a legal agreement covering US military personnel in Australia to be revised.

Senator Rex Patrick said the cases were “awful” and encouraged women to come forward.

Professor Donald Rothwell, an expert on international law at the Australian National University, said the 1963 SOFA should be revised and brought up to modern standards in light of SBS News’ revelations.

“It’s time this SOFA was looked at to see whether it’s robust enough to protect Australian citizens.”

Women Veterans Network Australia spokeswoman and former Australian Army major Dr Kerry Summerscales said calls for a revision of Australia's SOFA with the US was "urgently overdue".

US marines accused of sexually assaulting women while stationed in the NT

EXCLUSIVE: Documents obtained by SBS News have revealed several allegations of sexual assault made against US marines serving in Australia, with investigations into them being shifted overseas or dropped. Some survivors also say they felt discouraged by the Australian Defence Force from following through on their complaints.

One woman woke to find a US marine assaulting her in her bed, another was taken to hospital after having her drink spiked at a military barracks, and a third believed a US marine grabbed her and tried to sexually assault her at a bar. All the incidents took place in Australia’s Northern Territory, but the investigations into them were either handed over to US authorities, stalled, or dropped.

SBS News has obtained a series of reports between 2015 and 2021 from the Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) under freedom of information laws. They detail six alleged assaults or indecent acts involving US military personnel whilst on rotation in Australia, including members of the Marine Rotational Force - Darwin, a contingent of up to 2,200 personnel regularly based in the Northern Territory since 2011.

FFS - The case was passed on to NT Police, which took charge of the investigation, to consider whether it warranted a criminal investigation “due to jurisdictional concerns”.

Pictures revealed of USA-Aus Army base planned for the NT

As Australia’s relationship with China becomes increasingly tense, a new development in the Aussie outback seeks to strengthen ties with our US allies.

Details and photos of the much anticipated $747m army base expansion planned for the Northern Territory have been released to the public.

The new development will help the Australian Defence Force and United States house and train troops on Aussie land.

The project, which spans four locations over 580km across the top end, comes in the wake of increasing global tensions between Australia, the US and China.

The four new military sites will be located at Robertson Barracks, Kangaroo Flats, Mount Bundey and Bradshaw Field.