Nackeroo airstrip upgrade boosts Australia-US military capacity

Northern Australia’s national security has received a significant boost with the completion of upgrades to Nackeroo Airstrip at Bradshaw Field training area south of Darwin.

Part of the Commonwealth’s $747m NT Training Areas and Ranges Project, the Nackeroo Airstrip works included sealing the infrastructure to increase its capacity to take heavy aircraft.

Defence said the enhancements would allow military designated aircraft like the C-17A Globemaster and MV-22 Osprey to land at Bradshaw for the first time.

Territory company Sitzler has the contract for the ranges project upgrades, supported by a number of Territory contractors including RPS Group.

“The upgrade significantly enhances the ability to undertake air, land and littoral operations from here which will lead to increased training outcomes and collective training with the United States, ADF and other partner countries.