First US military construction in Australia since WWII

United States Force Posture Initiative in Australia has commissioned the construction of the first military project to be built in Australia by the US since World War II.

The four-spot helicopter parking apron and supporting facilities will be built at RAAF Base Darwin at a cost of more than A$30 million.

The contract is the first of many expected to be delivered under the United States Force Posture Initiative in Australia, in which Australia and the US will invest more than US$1.5 billion into existing defense infrastructure and facilities in the Northern Territory.

The scope of work includes four additional airfield-rated concrete, paved parking spots with asphalt shoulders; installation of four additional Type III fuel hydrant pits connected to existing fuel lines; and relocation of existing fuel isolation valve pits. Additional work includes the installation of airfield ground lighting, stormwater collection and treatment system, jet-blast deflectors and construction of an asphalt access drive.