Australia Eyed To Permanently Host US Navy Warships

Jonathan Greenert, U.S. Chief of Navy Operations, said the navy base in Australia will hold warships that will become part of an Amphibious Ready Group, acting as support group to a Marine Air Ground Task Force. Reflecting reluctance on both sides to permanently station US troops on Australian soil, a spokesman for Greenert later said the increased US naval presence in the country would be rotational, which he characterized as “placing and not basing.” Amid longstanding plans to rotate up to 2,500 US marines at a base outside of Darwin for six months every year, Washington has already identified warships which would form an Amphibious Ready Group to support a Marine Air Ground Task Force. That group would include a large amphibious assault carrier and two smaller helicopter carriers. The plan would also require the expansion of Darwin’s port. “Now, the question is by when do they need to be ready, will they come in all three, or one or two at a time,” Adm. Greenert said.

and, to everyone's shock and horror, we learn about this significant new development in our subservient relationship with the USA military via USA military leaders in foreign media outlets. #ausFailure