SECNAV Visits Innovative Forward-Deployed Marines and Sailors with MRF-D 22

The Honorable Carlos Del Toro, the 78th Secretary of the Navy, visited Marines and Sailors with the Marine Rotational Force-Darwin (MRF-D) on June 18.

“We have a solemn responsibility to be prepared to fight and win wars. I’m so proud to have the Marine Corps here in Australia,” said SECNAV to the Marines and Sailors with the MRF-D aviation combat element, following an update on emerging capabilities of the partnered MAGTF. “This is an advanced capability that is real, and real powerful.”

“You are at the pointy end of the spear out here doing great work.”

“Part of our journey is to train and certify a sea-combat capable headquarters that will integrate naval and joint effects on the adversary in the contested littoral environment,” said the commanding general of the 1st Marine Division, Major General Roger B. Turner Jr.

I MEF CG Visits Darwin to Reinforce MRF-D’s Movement Forward

Lieutenant General George Smith, Commanding General of I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), visited the Marine Rotational Force-Darwin (MRF-D) on June 7 - 8.

After ten years of Marine Corps rotations through the Northern Territory, I MEF now serves as the higher headquarters for the MRF-D, and will continue to provide the balance of Marines and Sailors in the coming years. Like the 2022 rotation, I MEF will continue to send standing regimental headquarters to serve as the MAGTF’s command element. This change, as well as several other refinements to the deployed force structure, increased the ability of MRF-D to integrate with the Australian Defence Force (ADF), and other shared regional partners.

" MRF-D is, and must continue to be postured to facilitate operations from humanitarian assistance to high-intensity combat in the region, in support of our allied and partnered nations. A large part of that readiness is nested within the training environment here in the Northern Territory and relationship with the ADF, particularly with 1st Brigade."

As tensions in the Pacific continue to simmer, US marines are ready to deploy from the Northern Territory

The US Marine Corp says this year's deployment to Darwin is the most "combat-credible" group sent yet, as the troops complete a week of intense training on the remote Tiwi Islands.

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute's Dr John Coyne said the increased US presence in northern Australia signalled the region's strategic importance to both countries.

"There's clear evidence the US government is going to invest more in ensuring that supply chains [and] defence logistics facilities are present in northern Australia and ready to support a range of contingencies," he said.

"Forward deployment in Darwin and northern Australia really provides proximity to the region, it provides a capacity [for the US] to leapfrog operations," Dr Coyne said.

"It provides the US military with a forward operating base from which it can launch into the region."

USA Marine charged with indecent assault in Darwin

A USA Marine will face court over allegations of assaulting a woman at a popular nightclub in Darwin.

A Marine Rotation Force Darwin spokesman confirmed that a marine stationed from their unit had received a notice from police to appear in court regarding an incident last month.

NT Police confirmed a Darwin woman was assaulted at a popular nightclub, the Landmark Hotel on Roystonea Ave on April 30.

It is understood CCTV captured footage of the alleged incident.

“We are working diligently to determine the facts in this situation, and are complying with all orders, policies, and agencies involved,” the MRF-D spokesman said.

On Tuesday NT Police issued a man with a notice to appear in court for the alleged indecent assault. He will appear in Darwin Local Court on June 16.

Visiting US Marine charged with indecent assault in the Top End

The 21-year-old man will face court after being charged over an alleged incident at a bar outside of Darwin.

Northern Territory Police said a 21-year-old man had been issued a notice to appear on Tuesday, following the alleged incident in Palmerston on April 30.

It is unclear if the Marine has been stood down over the allegations.

“MRF-D takes allegations of misconduct seriously and we hold our Marines and Sailors to the highest standards of conduct."