NT emergency services deployed for USA Marine V-22 Osprey at Darwin Airport

An emergency response at the Darwin Airport has been declared a false alarm after a pair of fire trucks raced across the tarmac to seemingly save a landed United States V-22 Osprey.

On Tuesday, morning, passengers and staff were left confused when the airport came to a stand still as two fire trucks entered the airstrip to pull up alongside the US Marine aircraft.

Civilian onlookers watched with anticipation, only for the fire and rescue teams to stand down and return to their bays, with airport operations resumed a short time later.

There was no emergency and no problem with the aircraft.

US Marine on rape charge, placed on bail denied trip home to await trial in America

A US Marine charged with rape while on rotation in the Top End has had his plans to return home to await trial put on ice after being placed on bail in the Darwin Local Court on Friday.

The court heard the 24-year-old — who cannot be named before being committed to stand trial — had been issued with a notice to appear after the charge was laid on May 1.

But prosecutor Rhiannon McGlinn said her office had requested the case be relisted a day before his Marine Corps contract was due to lapse to ask that he be placed on bail instead.

In granting bail, Mr Neill ordered the man to live at the Defence Establishment Berrimah and not travel more than 100km from Darwin while surrendering his travel documents and steering clear of the airport.

USS Emory S. Land visits Darwin as part of naval knowledge-share

A US Navy ship has docked in Darwin, with hundreds of sailors expected to explore the Top End during the routine stopover aimed at enhancing relations between the two allies.

Complete with a barbershop, retro diner, post office, corner store, dentist, and emergency operating theatre, USS Emory S. Land serves as a floating city wherever she is deployed.

“Our mission is to repair, rearm, and resupply deployed submarines and surface ships, both of US and our partner navies,” Captain Brent Spillner said.

“Two thirds of our crew works in the repair department, so maintenance specialists such as welders, electricians, and we’ve also got a very capable weapons department – we’ve got the ability to reload torpedoes, mines, missiles.

“We are self contained, we could go into a very austere, remote port and still provide the same services a ship would have if it were in a major port.”

“Darwin basically marks the midway point for our current secondment. This represents a massive milestone for us in terms of an opportunity to demonstrate all the skills we have, and really be able to contribute to the operation of the ship.”

USS Emory S. Land: warship pulls into Darwin, nuclear submarine training provided

An American warship is pulling into Darwin with a view to enhance US– Australian relations, with crewmen expected to roam the city in the coming days.

It was also confirmed members of the Royal Australian Navy were on-board the Emory S. Land to develop their knowledge, skills and experience in how their American counterparts conducted nuclear-powered submarine maintenance.

The arrangement to offer submarine-related training to ADF personnel follows Australia’s commitment to bringing into service multiple nuclear-powered Virginia class submarines, expected to patrol Australian waters as early as the 2030s.

The arrival of Emory S. Land coincides with the ramped up military activity currently underway across the Top End, with ADF and Marine Rotation Force – Darwin, integrating at Mount Bundey Training Area.

Marine charged with sexual intercourse without consent

A US Marine appeared in court after being charged with rape, charges he will seek to contest.

The man appeared in the Darwin Local Court on Wednesday charged with sexual intercourse without consent.

He was joined in court by members of his marine corps.

The case returns for a preliminary examination mention on July 3, where the defendant is excused.