US Marine on rape charge, placed on bail denied trip home to await trial in America

A US Marine charged with rape while on rotation in the Top End has had his plans to return home to await trial put on ice after being placed on bail in the Darwin Local Court on Friday.

The court heard the 24-year-old — who cannot be named before being committed to stand trial — had been issued with a notice to appear after the charge was laid on May 1.

But prosecutor Rhiannon McGlinn said her office had requested the case be relisted a day before his Marine Corps contract was due to lapse to ask that he be placed on bail instead.

In granting bail, Mr Neill ordered the man to live at the Defence Establishment Berrimah and not travel more than 100km from Darwin while surrendering his travel documents and steering clear of the airport.

Marine charged with sexual intercourse without consent

A US Marine appeared in court after being charged with rape, charges he will seek to contest.

The man appeared in the Darwin Local Court on Wednesday charged with sexual intercourse without consent.

He was joined in court by members of his marine corps.

The case returns for a preliminary examination mention on July 3, where the defendant is excused.

US Marines Lester Rodriguez Turcios, Juan Martinezjaramillo on trial for alleged rape cover up

A US Marine who allegedly raped a young woman before conspiring with a fellow jarhead to cover it up has faced the first day of his trial alongside his “friend and gym buddy”.

Lester Rodriguez Turcios pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court to rape, aggravated assault and attempting and conspiring to pervert the course of justice, while fellow marine Juan Martinezjaramillo pleaded not guilty to conspiracy.

In his opening address to jurors on Monday, Crown prosecutor Damien Jones quoted directly from the 19-year-old alleged victim following the incident on May 27 last year.

“I woke up to him pushing himself inside me, I had no underwear on, I was like ‘uh, what the f--k?’, I’ve tried pushing him off me quite a bit but he had kind of pinned me down."

The woman reported the alleged assault six days later and police asked Martinezjaramillo to make a statement as a potential witness on June 21. Investigators also obtained a warrant to seize Turcios’ mobile phone, which revealed conversations between the two marines “as to what was going to be said in the interview”.

USA Marine Kymani Powell pleads guilty to assaulting woman in Landmark Hotel

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An American Marine who drunkenly groped a woman in a Territory nightclub has promised to hold his mates to account and prevent future seedy assaults.

Kymani Powell appeared in Darwin Local Court on Friday to plead guilty to unlawfully assaulting a woman at the Landmark Hotel on Roystonea Ave, on April 30.

Prosecutor Marty Aust said the Connecticut man “forcefully groped” his victim, who was unable to defend herself in the popular nightclub. 

“This was an uninvited, unwanted intrusion on an intimate area of her body by a stranger,” Mr Aust said.

Defence barrister Mary Chalmers said 21-year-old  Powell had struggled with being separated from his family, and was appalled by his own actions.

“It was … an ill-advised lapse in his otherwise exemplary character.”

Chief Judge Elizabeth Morris found him guilty, but did not record a conviction. Powell was also fined $150.

Marine boasted about being ‘trained killer’ before bouncer allegedly knocked him out

A US Marine boasted about being a “trained killer” in the minutes before he was allegedly knocked unconscious by a Darwin bouncer last year, a court has heard.

On Tuesday, venue manager Matthew Hutcheon told jurors in Summers’ trial he had told police on the night that “Hayden slapped the shit out of him” following “multiple threats of physical harm”.

In an incident report annexed to Mr Hutcheon’s police statement, the court heard he also noted Thomason was “threatening his military training and ability to kill”.

“I believe he uttered that he could kill and that he was a trained killer,” he told Crown prosecutor Ian Rowbottom.

the situation went for multiple minutes, there were multiple threats of physical violence